Torrey Podmajersky

President, Catbird Content

At Catbird Content, Torrey Podmajersky uses UX content to solve business and customer problems for organizations worldwide. At Xbox, Windows, Google, and Offerup, she designed inclusive and accessible experiences for marketplaces, platforms, privacy, support, and unique audiences like kids, teachers, and advertising pros. Torrey's book Strategic Writing for UX was published by O’Reilly Media in 2019, and she instigated the Content Design Manifesto in 2023. She mentors, teaches, and speaks about UX content.

Torrey’s high-intensity speaking style was refined in the crucible of teaching high-school science, but her classes no longer require eye protection. Torrey has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from University of Washington and a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from Seattle University. When she's not working, she's snuggling cats, kayaking, or making art with husband Dietrich in their Puget Sound home studio.

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