Coming soon! Friends, it’s time to share your work. The new Button content design blog is for you, by you. Send us your ideas, and get ready to write. Whatever you’re excited about is exactly what we want to hear!

Where should you start?

It’s easy: Send us a proposal with your idea for a post. That’s it. Don’t overthink it. (And hey, if you already have something in the works, send us that!) We’re already reviewing early submissions and getting ready for launch.

Here are the topics we’ll feature on the new blog:

  • Craft: process, tools, artifacts, and principles
  • Collaboration: critiques and team dynamics
  • Leadership: change management, team structure, and training
  • Measuring effectiveness: research, testing, and analytics
  • Careers: paths, compensation, and equity
  • Operations: infrastructure and governance

Inclusivity: accessibility, localization, and internationalization

All blog authors will receive a complimentary ticket to one of our two-day Button events. Just one more reason to submit that post idea!

Here’s what we’re looking for.

The ideal submission is …

  • 1,400-1,800 word articles that go in-depth
  • A post that offer practical methods, tools, processes, or case study analyses to show the craft in action
  • Supported by visuals to supplement the words (screenshots, graphics, photos, etc.)

Please do NOT submit ...

  • Anything promotional or #sponsored
  • Introductory listicles (Ex. Five content design tips)
  • “Why content design matters” think pieces
  • Offensive or inaccurate hot takes
  • Anything that overtly critiques an individual content designer or company

Here’s how the process works.

Step 1: Submit your post idea(s). No need to include a full draft here! We’re just looking for the overall topic and how you’ll approach it.

Disclaimer: Submitting a blog pitch does not guarantee we’ll publish it. Our team will carefully review all submissions and make selections based on topic and availability in our editorial calendar.

Step 2: If approved, we’ll ask for a short bulleted outline to align on post sections and key takeaways.

Step 3: After we review the outline, you’re free to start drafting! We’ll include timelines and our style guide at this stage.

Step 4: Submit your final post draft for publishing.

Important note: By submitting a post draft, you give permission for Button to:

  • Edit content for grammar, formatting, or brevity
  • Include Button banners and links to Button resources
  • Reshare your article across Button marketing channels
  • Exclusively publish your post on the Button blog

You in? Submit your idea(s) below and someone from Team Button will be in touch.

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