Jennie Tan

Jennie Tan is an accomplished UX writer, blogger, and one-time TV diva (more about the diva part later).

Throughout her career, she has worked as a technical writer, program manager, blogger, engineering manager, and UX writer. She’s currently a staff UX writer at Dropbox, where she led the UX writing effort for last year’s Dropbox desktop app, the biggest update in its history.

She has authored several popular UX writing articles on Medium, spoken and provided expertise at UX writing meetups across the Bay Area, and she delights in mentoring and cheering on UX writers and writing craft.

Jennie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with a man and a cat. When she’s not writing, she loves trying new restaurants, bopping to BTS, and tinkering with her mochi cake recipe.

Jennie’s first blog got her a speaking role on the Emmy-winning NBC comedy The Office. Yes, Virginia, content can help dreams come true.

2020 Sessions
Jennie Tan

Staff UX Writer, Dropbox

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