Storytelling as connection: Building better relationships with users in content design

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Stories help us bridge understanding. Creating narrative arcs when designing an experience, drafting a communication, or creating a product can result in stronger human connections with our users.

Taking inspiration from oral societies, elements like rhythm, patterns, and structure can help us craft meaningful concepts and build better relationships. Moreover, oral recounting techniques are a great example for understanding how to best articulate language that empathizes and connects with users.

In this session, we’ll reflect on traditional times when no writing existed, as well as contemporary practices for how content designers create and collaborate to effectively get messages across.

In this session, you will:

  • Gain clear perspective on how narratives are not isolated entities.
  • Understand the cognitive process of transferring knowledge by exploring how storytellers communicated in times when no writing existed.
  • Be inspired with new ways of thinking about grammar, language, and communication.
  • Identify opportunities to use storytelling in your content design practice to build better relationships with users.
  • Translate our stakeholders’ vision into a language that speaks to our users.

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