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What’s the role of content when it comes to moments of celebration in digital products? For many of us, we’ve started to rely on UX content to inject moments of celebration where they aren’t warranted or in place of something worth celebrating. We’re tacking celebration on to the end of an experience rather than thinking about ways that content can elevate the entire experience.

Yet again, when it comes to celebration, we’ve asked content to do way less than it’s capable of doing. In this talk, Jason Fox will review the current state of celebratory content and explore ways to create moments that are actually worth celebrating.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to recognize when calls for celebration are empty
  • Why celebration should be a sacred pursuit and not a thing we do at the end
  • How we can work at the craft level and as cross-functional partners to use content to create actual, in-the-flesh celebration

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