Content in service design: Creating cohesive experiences beyond the screen

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We know content underpins any good digital experience. Why would it be different beyond a screen?

In this breakout, we’ll explore how content designers can (and should!) increase their strategic influence by engaging with customer experience (CX) and service design through work on information architecture and content modeling. We’ll cover creating an intuitive “offline” content structure, taking ownership of the alignment process, collaborating with other types of designers and stakeholders, and gaining traction with this growing design community.

Together we'll learn how to make your content design skills more strategic and create a tangible impact for your customers, wherever they are.

You’ll walk away from this session with a few important lessons:

  • Content designers should play a critical role in creating compelling customer experiences and service designs. By understanding the key principles of customer experience design and service design, you can create strategic alignment and user-centricity across product and service experiences.
  • Information architecture serves as the thread that connects all these experiences together. Use content modeling and other IA techniques to ensure that the information architecture is clear, consistent, and easy to navigate across all touchpoints.
  • Collaboration across teams is key to creating successful customer experiences. Look beyond digital teams to create a cohesive framework for user experience delivery. With a collaborative approach, you can create products and services that are not only user-friendly but also inclusive, ethical, and equitable.

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