Content design research: Gain influence, make an impact


Content research is an eye-opening, bias-busting, and, best of all, empowering form of customer listening that can be accomplished in a variety of ways. You can use content research to inform and smarten your word choices to quantifiably improve your audience engagement. (All this, and it’s often faster and more efficient than A/B experimentation!)

We’ll cover the following types of content research: Clarity, comprehension, preference, naming, audience-specific, gap and excess analysis, sentiment, and actionability.

The workshop will be peppered with examples of content research that resulted in significant changes and improvements to user experiences.

We’ll also cover:

  • Setting the stage: Establishing content quality standards before you begin a content research program
  • Identifying your most important content to evaluate
  • Understanding the value and limitations of quantitative research (the “what”) and qualitative (the “why”)
  • Tools of the trade, from free, low-cost, and scrappy techniques to online platforms that enable online surveys and customer interactions
  • Partnering well: Collaborating with your UX research peers and managing interactions with stakeholders
  • Sharing results with tact and diplomacy

You’ll leave with these key takeaways:

  • A content testing template
  • A cheat sheet of the key question types and formats
  • A sample road map for establishing a content research practice
  • Confidence and understanding of how to put it all into action

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