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Designing for enterprise products can focus on a narrow slice of a service journey where you have a limited perspective, leaving you feeling siloed. Storytelling is a powerful tool to show the connections between multiple people involved in journeys like grading assignments or servicing an insurance claim.

Work with your partners to gather the front-stage and back-stage events for a service journey, including all the product content and ad hoc content that supports it. Then, keep telling stories to show how people use the content to do their work and bring friction points in focus to design better outcomes.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use stories to help people working on edtech, fintech, and other enterprise areas to understand the connected journeys of the multiple people involved.
  • Build stories to create empathy to support holistic solutions that improve the overall journey.
  • Use service journeys to highlight content friction areas as opportunities for better outcomes.

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