Aligning marketing and product experiences with content design

Oct 19
3:50 pm
4:25 pm
Leadership chat
Leadership session
Watch party/Library talk
Attendee spotlight

Marketing experiences can be compelling and beautiful, with catchy headlines and slick animations. But they’re not always useful, or even aligned with the reality of what people will experience when using the product. This is where content designers can help set expectations, prevent confusion, and increase early adoption.

In this talk, you’ll learn how we can help create seamless marketing and product user journeys by aligning how we talk about our products with how we talk in our products. You’ll also learn how we can create captivating yet relevant experiences that won’t leave people asking, “So what exactly does this do?”

In this session, you will:

  • Get measurable results on the impact content design can have on product growth.
  • Understand how content designers can help bridge the gap between marketing and product experiences.
  • Use product research insights to speak to users’ needs, wants, and pain points in marketing content.
  • See the benefits of consulting with marketing during product design process.

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