Susa Hart

Breakthrough innovation isn’t the result of just having good ideas, it comes from good design and a good ideation process.

As a design leader and content strategist, Susa Hart leads teams to conduct the research necessary to uncover critical business and user needs and opportunities. Susa helps teams articulate those needs in a lean, design-thinking way (e.g., leveraging narratives, journeys, personas, mock press releases) so the entire team can understand and empathize with how users want and need to work.

Susa has worked with startups that successfully scaled and mid-tier companies that produced products that users love (e.g., Intuit, E*TRADE, Webex, and more). Because Susa also has extensive experience working with large enterprises, she understands the dynamics of how large companies work (Three Box Solution), so she can help them service the needs of existing customers while continuing to innovate.

2021 Session(s)

Susa Hart

Senior Director Product Design, Guru

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