What would my bubbie think? Content design through the eyes of an older population

Content design is typically geared toward a young to middle-aged tech-savvy population, but the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that by 2040 adults 65+ will comprise a quarter of the population. And research tells us that the attitudes of older adults are generally positive and open-minded—different than what we, as an industry, previously imagined.

These individuals do have their own specific set of needs, concerns, and expectations. So, how do we design content with them in mind?

Join this session to better understand the appetite, behavior, and tolerance for technology of the 65+ population. You will learn:

  • How to design for the media that older adults use most (spoiler alert: tablets!)

We’ll also look at content considerations for a population that:

  • Is more ambivalent about providing information to tech companies and is frequently targeted by scammers
  • Sees technology as an opportunity to gain independence as other things, like physical mobility, decrease
  • Has less awareness of new technology and how it can help improve their everyday lives
  • Is worried about learning how to use apps that have “declining human technology support”
Emma Schmidt
Emma Schmidt

Senior Content Designer, Dropbox

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