The elephant in the glovebox: Why UX needs content strategy now more than ever

With the wonderful, beautiful, meteoric rise of content design and UX writing, product teams need content strategy now more than ever. This isn’t the time to quit on content strategy. It’s not the time to “expand” content design to every corner of the org (nor to “kill it” in favor of product-branded roles).

It’s time for Content Strategy: a deep, complex, valuable discipline that draws from editorial publishing, service design, and business strategy—that can make every writer and designer in your company more effective.

Clarity is empowering. Content strategy creates it. Let’s figure out how to create more clarity, together.

In this session, you will gain:

  • A clearer, broader perspective on the vast differences between content design and content strategy, and why they matter to your organization
  • A memorable, whiteboard-friendly framework for articulating the role and value of content strategy
  • A burning desire to kick ass, take names, and fight-fight-fight for the clarity that content strategy can bring to your product teams
Scott Kubie
Scott Kubie

UX Content Advocate,

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