“Sorry, I didn’t catch that”: Better conversation repair for bots

When two people talk, they “repair” the conversation every 84 seconds or so, which means someone mishears, follows up, or corrects. But when it comes to repair, most chatbots and voice assistants are duds. They often sound like a broken record: “Didn’t catch that. Say again?”

Good news: Great copy and design can take a bot from a failure to a fixer. In this talk, you’ll learn clear techniques, building on familiar concepts like clarification, disambiguation, and error messaging, to turn a bot into a better conversation partner who can get the chat back on track.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Bots need to handle lots of different repair scenarios.
  • Conversation repair is a matter of copy plus behavior.
  • The best repair messages are actionable and easy to respond to.
Rebecca Evanhoe
Rebecca Evanhoe

Conversation Designer & Strategist, Pratt Institute

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