Relationship counseling with bots

It doesn’t take a psychology degree to know that it’s hard work strengthening relationships between machines and humans—building trust and intimacy through thoughtful and personalized content. While machines can’t process feelings (yet), they are fundamentally built to foster genuine connections with people, and it’s our responsibility as conversational designers (or AI counselors) to help them achieve that.

This talk begins as an intervention highlighting the strengths and vulnerabilities of humans and machines alike, and proceeds as a lesson in designing conversations that focus on relationship-building and designing personalities that genuinely hold space for this dialogue.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What the current sentiment is between users and AI
  • Specific strategies to design conversations that build trust and rapport between users and AI
  • How to design trustworthy AI personalities
Shruti Murali
Shruti Murali

Conversational UI Content Designer, Instacart

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