Move over, English: How localization can improve your copy

Design-stage localization is all the rage, promising continuity and speed. Yet, as we bring localizers closer to us, we still see them as experts in their languages, not ours. By limiting their expertise like this, we miss out on their multilingual skills and sensibilities. This is a problem, especially for English-language products in which many users are multilingual non-native speakers of English.

This talk demonstrates how we can take design-stage localization a step further by embracing localizers as essential stakeholders for content design.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How design-stage localization can benefit your content
  • How to center and support localizers in your organization
  • Which tools can help content designers and localizers work together
Rosa Vieira de Almeida
Rosa Vieira de Almeida

Content Lead, Transfer Galaxy

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