More than bug fixes: How release notes are a content design problem

If you’ve browsed through an app store, chances are you’ve seen the phrase “Bug fixes and performance improvements” over and over again. Vague, unclear, and not interesting. Release notes should showcase all of the hard work product teams put into the features they design and ship. They’re just as much a content design problem as the product itself.

In this talk, you’ll discover new ways to think about release notes as a content designer, learn strategies you can take into your role, and make ho-hum release notes into a meaningful experience for the people using your products.

After attending this session, you will:

  • Understand release notes as a content design genre.
  • See how release notes fit into the customer/user journey.
  • Consider who you can collaborate with to start taking release notes seriously in your organization.
  • Measure the impact of release notes for the features and products you support.
Carly Gray
Carly Gray

Content Designer, Meta

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