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How to tell your boss they’re wrong—and why you should

The ability to have hard conversations is a precursor to having a successful, well-functioning team. However, speaking truth to power can feel risky, for a lot of reasons. Sometimes we prefer to stay quiet rather than cause a conflict. The fear of speaking up comes from power differences (and there are many forms of power differences other than authority).

In this talk, we’ll go through some scenarios where not speaking up is to your own detriment. John will also share some easy-to-remember tips for having hard conversations.

In this session, you will:

  • Hear why speaking up is vital for your own personal success, and how to find the courage to speak up.
  • Learn to “speak truth to power” in any context, and how to create a conversational environment that make it easier.
  • Hear about different company culture types and the issues typically associated with each that inhibit speaking truth to power.
  • Learn to identify the source of reluctance to have open and honest conversations, and diagnose capacities in each of these areas.
John Paz
John Paz

Content Design Manager, Menlo Security

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