How I learned to embrace the designer in “content designer”

Due to a convergence of factors, one of TJ Lee’s teams unexpectedly lost its dedicated product designer. While the change was initially a bit scary, he took on the mantle as the go-to designer for the team. Through the process, he has learned how content designers can grow as designers, beyond being writers who sometimes design.

This session will cover the things that content designers are able to do, but that are often only expected from product designers. We’ll also explore how companies could structure their teams to move away from the content-as-a-service model to one where content design and product design have greater parity.

In this session, we’ll explore answers to these questions:

  • What are the areas of overlap between product design and content design?
  • How can we grow in these areas of overlap as content designers?
  • How could we staff projects differently to better empower content designers?
TJ Lee
TJ Lee

Lead Content Designer, Chime

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