Helping robots suck less at conversation

Robots are dumb, and that’s a shame. We’re sending them to Mars, getting them to do jumping jacks, and yet none of them are able to handle the simplest conversation. If that’s not us heading straight for robopocalypse, what is?

Samuel Marc has met all the robots of Dubai Expo 2020 and then some. He wants to tell you how conversational UX writing may be part of the answer.

In this session, you will:

  • Get a global view of the world’s most advanced robots’ conversational abilities.
  • Learn how to adapt conversational UX writing paradigms to robotics.
  • Understand what skills are needed for Content People to craft communicative robots of our science-fiction dreams.
  • Learn why this matters for accessibility and inclusivity.
Samuel Marc
Samuel Marc

Lead UX Writer, Speak UX!

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