From consultant to shared owner of designs: How to become an embedded content designer

Your wish has been granted. You’ve been resourced to be a dedicated content designer to a single product. It’s still one content designer to five product designers, but you’ve made it to a position some content designers only dream about. You’re a real designer! However, getting here is the first step of a long and winding road to shared ownership of a design, co-designing sessions, and stakeholder visibility.

Having a seat at the table is different from actually owning and contributing to a team’s effort.

After this session, you'll have a real-life perspective on how an embedded content designer functions on a UX design team, how long it takes to establish this workflow, what steps you can take to feel like a true collaborator, and what your new team can do to fully utilize your content design potential—all against a realistic design life cycle.

You’ll walk away from this session with tips on how to:

  • Work with a team through an entire design life cycle (from understanding to implementation).
  • Nurture relationships in an effort to become embedded.
  • Help your design partners to successfully integrate you as a content designer.
  • Keep the momentum going for the next design life cycle.
Jen Kim
Jen Kim

Manager, Content Design, ServiceNow

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