Developing immunity to imposter syndrome: Lessons from a first-generation immigrant and refugee

Safety. Belonging. Opportunities. Those are the reasons Linh Tran’s family fled Vietnam after a brutal war. Those reasons also drove a circuitous late-career change from academia to content design.

In this talk, Linh draws connections between the lessons she learned as a refugee whose third language was English, and how she applied them later when she moved into positions of increasing leadership in the tech industry.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Embrace your inexperience and position as a novice learner to build your network.
  • Use a growth mindset to remove barriers within job disciplines.
  • Create and reinforce safe spaces, so everyone feels there’s always something to learn and something they can contribute.
Linh Tran
Linh Tran

Senior Manager of UX Content Strategy, NerdWallet

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