Design your impact: Clarify your situation, your goals, and what to do next

Maturity models help you understand how evolved an organization or team is in a field or domain. When mapping it to content design principles and good practices, it shows you what your options are today and what the next goal could be. Do you need to focus on optimizing processes? Is this the ideal moment to dive into a full-scale design system project? Maybe there are some stakeholders to consult with first?

Using a maturity model makes it easy to visualize where you want to go and what to do to get there. It’s a great tool for independent content professionals to assess the situation when joining a new project—but it’s just as useful for practitioners in teams or embedded in an organization to help them work and grow sustainably.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What a maturity model is and how to make it useful for content design
  • How it can help you and your team do better work and pick the right battles
  • How to create one (including a template with pointers on how to get started)
  • Other ways you can implement the maturity model
Saskia Videler
Saskia Videler

Content Architect, City of Antwerp

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