Copy doc love languages: A guide to healthy relationships with your content design tools

If you’re like many folks at Button, you’ve struggled to explain to your boss why you need to “break up” with your content design tool. You’ve felt the weight of your process, a loveless relationship writing, editing, getting feedback, iterating, handing off. You’ve spent too much time bouncing between stakeholders, floundering for a new, “best” process every time, but struggling to satisfy the unique needs of each.

While our “true love” content design tool may still be out there, Zac Simon has discovered a mental model for finding “the one” so you can evaluate and improve your copy doc situationship.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to approach your copy doc like a product to better collaborate with, and present to, stakeholders
  • The principles of what makes a copy doc tool worth your time
  • A better vocabulary for why your copy doc tool isn’t working, and what you need from your next one
Zac Simon
Zac Simon

Content Designer, West Monroe

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