Breaking into content design management without breaking yourself or others

Becoming a manager can be especially hard for content designers. Teams tend to be small, scope tends to be large, and opportunities to formally lead are scarce. This talk will give you practical, reasonable advice to break into your first management role that doesn’t involve breaking yourself, your coworkers, or those around you!

From leading as an independent contributor to making a business case to the first steps when you land the role (because you will!), this talk—written by a first-time leader—will help you understand the what, how, and occasional WTF of content design management.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Identify whether content design management makes sense for you.
  • Position yourself for your first management role.
  • Internally advocate and ask for your first management role without working excessive hours or schmoozing.
  • Transition into management smoothly and with minimal thrash.
  • Establish yourself as a first-time content design leader.
Michael Restiano
Michael Restiano

Content Design Manager, Instacart

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