Asserting your content design superpowers

Content designers are sorely overstretched, yet reluctant to say no when asked to take on more and more work. If we don’t participate in every project, the customer experience suffers. That’s quite a tightrope walk!

It’s essential to establish and keep effective boundaries that protect your precious energy and time, so you can fully tap your content superpowers. Learn how to do less work that skims the surface of your content skills and more “full stack” content design that’s strategic, creates greater results and impact—and feeds your soul as a content designer, instead of depleting you.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create an empowering content design vocabulary.
  • Identify worthy projects, then saying “no, not now” to others without guilt.
  • Find your Super Friends: Building a network of advocates.
  • Leverage organizational psychology to support content design.
  • Show impact: Cultivating respect for content design for long-term success.
Erica Jorgensen
Erica Jorgensen

Director of Product Content Strategy, Slack

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