Trauma-informed content strategy: How to help people when they need it most

Trauma-informed content strategy can help people stay in their homes when they’re at risk of eviction, or connect veterans with immediate support when they’re having suicidal thoughts. It addresses a critical need to make people feel safe and respected when they come to the government for help.

This approach can help government agencies offer resources to people who need them. Content strategists Tamar Fox and Ryan Sibley of Nava Public Benefit Corporation solved these problems using language. They’ll share case studies where they changed language and processes to make it easier for people in crisis to get help.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Align trauma-informed content strategy with product strategy.
  • Use best practices for trauma-informed writing.
  • Employ trauma-informed content to bridge service gaps.
  • Avoid re-traumatization in your content.
  • Build inclusivity into your trauma-informed content strategy.

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