To the pain! How to tackle intractable problems

Dealing with complex, messy, intractable problems is a bummer. They tend to push teams toward one of two approaches: the defeatist ("we can’t solve this whole thing, so we’ll solve this one tiny part") or the idealist ("we’re going to solve the whole thing! Just give us five years").

Thankfully, there’s a third, more nuanced approach: the pragmatist. Learn how to build safeguards into your project planning and execution processes that give you the room you need to consider all the problem's layers—and the people they affect—more efficiently and holistically.

In this session, you’ll learn methods to:

  • Define the core of your intractable problem.
  • Break the problem down into manageable chunks that can make life easier for as many people affected by the problem as possible.
  • Build effective cross-disciplinary coalitions.
  • Make your case to key people throughout the organization.

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