User and task analysis for UX writing

When creating complex experiences, user and task analysis provides an effective way to plan copy needs with context and empathy. This collaborative exercise, which involves planning for which user types apply to which scenarios, serves as the foundation for effective IA, UX writing, interaction design, and development work.

You’ll  hear a case study of how user and task analysis was applied to an e-commerce experience, and how this exercise helped to clarify requirements, assist in the content and design process, contribute to technical design, and  better structure the localization process.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • A framework to understand and break down different types of users, such as by which tasks they have completed
  • How to build scenarios from user stories, requirements, or any other source to go deeper into detail on the best- and worst-case situations in your flows
  • How to create a scenario matrix based on user types and scenarios and use this to draft effective content and design

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