Sorry, I can’t help with that: Content strategy for chatbots

It feels like everywhere you look, someone is spinning up a chatbot team. They’re captivating executives with stories of how they’ll use AI and machine learning to deliver cost savings and better customer service.

Despite all the excitement, building a good one is harder than it looks. Figuring out what types of problems your chatbot can help with is the most important part of building one, but teams often rush through that process.

Learn how to make sure your chatbot meets user and business needs. Don’t build an expensive FAQ.

In this session, you'll:

  • Understand how to approach research and discovery for chatbots, based on experience leading conversation design teams for a large insurance company.
  • Get frameworks and templates that will help you evaluate whether a chatbot can help in the first place.
  • Learn methods for creating a chatbot strategy that will lead to a useful, usable product.

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