Pencils down: How to stop copywriting and become a partner in design

There’s something in the water. Tech companies big and small want UX writers—whole teams of them!—even if they’re not quite sure what those are or how to work with them. All too often, UX writers are treated like copywriters: They’re only brought in at the end, to polish up some strings.

We can make this better. Drawing from his experiences at Slack, Andrew’s talk covers crafty-yet-simple tactics for getting cross-functional partners to change how they think about UX writing—and to start including it as a key part of the design process.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Raise content questions early—so they’re top of mind for the PMs, marketers, and designers on your team.
  • Create artifacts, from content wireframes to product narratives, that both empower your team and let them see content design in action.
  • Bring your entire team into the process of creating content principles—so you’re aligned from day one.

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