Netflix and quill: The art and science of UX writing for entertainment

Film students are taught “it starts with the words”—and just like cinema, great products are powered by great writing.

At Netflix, the team is constantly trying to reconcile user needs with the DNA of storytelling—from distilling plot points in small UI elements, to making complex genre taxonomies easy to navigate, to delivering the right movie or show in the right moment.

In this talk, we’ll dig into some interesting—and hard-learned—lessons from the world of Hollywood. We’ll explore the important intersection of product-level and title-level writing, how to think about experimentation, and the ways in which language designers uniquely impact entertainment products.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Distilling, navigating, and delivering stories: How we design systems that bring the right story to the right person in the right moment.
  • Hypothesis design for video and entertainment: How to develop hypotheses that get traction with both technical partners (PMs and engineers) and creative partners (video editors and Hollywood directors)?
  • Collaborative techniques in language-forward design orgs: What are some tactics for bringing people into our process and facilitating great language design?

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