How to win over designers and influence engineers

What’s better than being a content strategist? Being a content strategist supported by product design and engineering. A seat at the table is only the beginning. Things really click when you have a Confluence page.

How do we get there? Mind tricks, bribery, and engineering memes. (Just kidding—kind of.)

Chelsea Larsson leads UX content strategy at Zendesk. Her team is integrated with the product org, and once, the VP of Engineering emailed about how he enjoyed the UXCS standards. She’ll show you how to build influence with product folks, create resources people use, and present content strategy as a business asset.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Tried-and-true methods for building influence outside of your team
  • Case studies, relatable stories, and suggestions for which tools and resources product and engineering love
  • Strategic ways to talk about content strategy’s impact on product development, the user experience, and the bottom line
  • Exercises you can do to practice the tough conversations

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