Executive alignment: Managing up for content professionals

You’ve done a huge amount of work to create a solid, actionable content strategy. You get a good response initially. And then…your work and your plans die on the vine. Why? Because you are trying to introduce clarity into an unstable environment: the misaligned minds of executive teams.

Hidden exec-level chaos all but ensures your work won’t see the light of day. As a strategist, you have all the tools it takes to help the exec team help you, but first you have to understand why executive alignment is hard and what you can do to make it happen.

In this session, we’ll ask:

  • How do executives think about the work that I am doing?
  • Why do content strategies sometimes get a great initial reception, and then fizzle and lose support over time?
  • What are some new ways to approach and manage my relationship with key stakeholders and executives?
  • How can I encourage executives to be more clear and focused, so that I can be more clear and focused and deliver great work—without putting my life in jeopardy?
  • What can I do to help ensure my hard work survives and sees the light of day?

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