Designing self-service support content: Help your customers help themselves

Customers will always opt for the path of least resistance. Why wait for a support agent’s response when you can self-serve immediately? It’s little wonder customers place such great value on clear and intuitive help centers. They won’t tolerate a jumble of predetermined questions and irrelevant information. They want the one right answer to their question and to leave as quickly as they arrived.

So what’s the best way to deliver a great self-service support experience for your customers? It means making sure your support content consistently delivers accuracy and clarity, whilst drawing on your team’s collective knowledge.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply editorial leadership and content design methods to improve your self-service support.
  • Enable and empower non-writers to write effective technical content.
  • Maintain living resources like pattern libraries and style guides to achieve consistency.
  • Use content testing methods that go beyond heuristics and analytics.
  • Implement emerging artificial intelligence tools for tackling common questions.

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