Decide to give a damn: An alphabet of accessibility

For a long time we’ve talked about the importance of accessible and inclusive products. We’ve also assumed that everyone in our industry knows who “people with disabilities” are. It turns out that’s not true. Ableism—discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities—tends to limit our knowledge and understanding of the very disabilities we need to design and develop for.

This talk frames accessibility through the lens of 26 people who need accessibility considerations. It identifies opportunities to be less ableist in our work, and challenges us to be better people, better strategists, and better designers.

In this session, you’ll get:

  • 26 examples of people with disabilities, some of which you will recognize and some of which may surprise you
  • Examples of ableism in our industry and ways we can work against it
  • A deeper understanding of who we're serving and their visual, auditory, cognitive, and motor needs

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