Breaking down silos: Building a content design practice

We’re all in the business of delivering delightful content experiences. But how do you ensure quality and consistency across a customer’s end-to-end journey when that content is being created by thousands of people, across hundreds of teams, based all over the world?

Maranda (a journalist-turned-designer) and Tom (a writer and innovator) have been tackling this at IBM, where they’re helping others appreciate the vital role content plays in everything that we do.

In this session, they’ll share what they’ve learned, how to communicate the value of content, and how to forge better relationships with other parties across your organization.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • What it means to adopt a “content-with...” approach
  • How to involve more parties in the overall content experience (and break down those organizational silos)
  • Practical tips on how to develop and scale a cross-functional content practice.

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